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Summer Fun, Ball Hockey and Grade 8 Graduation

We’ve had a busy month or so around here! It feels like we haven’t even had much time to breath with all the things that have been going on! We took a trip to my uncle’s place, near Ottawa. They … Continue reading

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When you dig a hole…

I am not going into the specifics… but I have a son who is digging a hole. A very deep hole and rather than digging himself out, he just keeps getting deeper. I am worried about what the next few … Continue reading

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There’s a Teen in the House

This handsom fellow, right here… Recently turned 13 years old. We went to eat at Denny’s as a family to celebrate. This is Elastoboy’s favourite restaurant for some reason. They apparently don’t sing or do a birthday celebration there, so … Continue reading

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End of Volley Ball, Snow, Christmas Movies and a fun Christmas Get-together.

I have lots of photos to share for our weekly family update. We’ve actually done more than this but I am saving the photos from our 12 days of Christmas books until after we finish! Monkey Girl loved dressing up … Continue reading

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Trick-or-Treat, Princesses, First jobs, a Grumpy Face and Hockey Fun.

While back East, my Mother In Law mentioned that I haven’t been posting pictures on ¬†facebook as often anymore. I hadn’t really noticed that my weekly photo dumps had turned into monthly and then bi-monthly photo dumps but she was … Continue reading

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A Nice Delicious Cell

Elastoboy was assigned a project that required him to make a model of a cell. We thought it might be fun to do something a bit different. We orginally were going to go with a Jello Cell but Elastoboy LOVES … Continue reading

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Something Special – Elastoboy and Monkey Girl

Elastoboy and Monkey Girl have always had a special relationship, right from the get go. Now, he doesn’t ALWAYS want her to go in his room, and he doesn’t ALWAYS want to colour for hours, nor does he like it … Continue reading

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Family Friday – Getting to know Elasto-Boy

Just wanted to say: Elasto-boy is flexible Elasto-boy is handsom Elasto-boy is eccentric Elasto-boy is intelligent Elasto-boy is a goofball Elasto-boy can be a handful Elasto-boy has ADHD but can rise above it to get the job done Elasto-boy IS … Continue reading

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Saturday Fun – Preparing for Battle

Elasto-Boy and Mr. Hockey decided to have a “pretend” nerf battle tonight. It had to be pretend because I was putting the baby to bed shortly and … well … Nerf Guns are NOT the quietest of toys! They cleaned … Continue reading

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