Super Late… but Happy 14th B-day Elastoboy!

My boy turned 14 at the end of December but I have been quite neglectful of this poor blog. I’d like to say it’s been because I have been super useful or the like but I have been just goofing off… mostly watching Doctor Who!

Anyway, since this guy is super important to me, I thought a birthday post was in order.

This little felllow has grown and changed so much since he first bounced into our lives at age 8.


He’s growing taller, smarter and more handsome everyday. I love his grin and he’s one heck of a rapper. You really should here this kid go – he’s great with words and writes songs constantly. Ninth grade has been a challenge, but I am sure we’ll get through.

Happy Birthday, Elastoboy! I love you, Kid!

bdayboy1 bdayboy2

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The Gingerbread Drama

It all started when Grandpa Ray and Grandma June made home made gingerbread kits for the kids to make on Christmas Eve. It was a lovely idea, the gingerbread smelled absolutely scrumptious and the candies within were so colourful and varied that we were all eager to begin.

two2 two1

The drama began as we all sat around the table and began sticking our walls together. Hubbers was helping Little Why and I was responsible for helping Monkey Girl and Angel Eyes while the Middles and Big Guy built their own.

Everything is going well until…
“Angel Eyes! Don’t eat your walls or the house won’t stay together!” -Mr. Hockey

All eyes fall to Angel Eyes who had eaten the corner of one of her walls. The Gingerbread house is moved away until someone can help her. Problem solved.

Frustrated sounds start coming from one side of the table.
“My house won’t stand up! Every time I put on the roof, the walls fall over!” – Elastoboy Whines.

“You don’t have any patients. The one I am making for Monkey Girl is standing just fine!” – Me, with a bit of condescending in my voice.

Frustrated sounds continue, but we all focus on our own houses.

“Stop eating your Chimney, Angel Eyes!” – Electric Lady yelps, grabbing the offending peice of cookie from Angel Eyes hands. Gingerbread house is moved further away. Problem… solved?

houses04 houses06 houses02

“I am getting the glue gun!” – Elastoboy says, jumping up out of his seat.

“You can’t EAT glue! ” – Mr. Hockey and I yelp. Hubbers points to the chair and Elastoboy sits down.

“Mommy! My house is not standing up anymore!” – Monkey Girl cries, trying to stick one wall back to the others.

“Gah! Dang House! No… don’t touch it! It will only fall over more!”  – Me, pulling the house towards myself, franticly trying to put the walls back together.

Lot’s of frustrated sounds coming from all parts of the table. Little Why is resting his head on his arms, looking rather spacey.

“My house is working perfectly!” – Big Guy brags after a few minutes of taking in the frustration around him.

“ANGEL EYES! Stop eating your house right now!” – Electric Lady, again grabbing the pieces of the house away from Angel Eyes. We all know they are not safe, but are not sure where to put them considering the entire kitchen is covered in gingerbread.

“Where is the darned glue gun. This is ridiculous!” – I say as I begin to look in the craft cupboards.

“No, No, No! I will build the houses! Look, Little Why! Yours is done!” – Hubbers says as he proudly plants a gingerbread house in front of Little Why. Little Why slowly decorates it unenthusiastically.

“Show off!” – Me

“Fine, I’ll make a tank then!” – Elastoboy triumphantly yelps, grabbing a knife from the counter.

“My house won’t stay up!” – Mr. Hockey grumbles as he sits back in his chair, obviously giving up.

“Wow! Electric Lady, your house is looking great!” – Hubbers says, patting her on the back. She grins wildly and taunts Mr. Hockey.

After a quick survey of the table, I spot a half eaten gingerbread house and a very happy baby girl.
“Angel Eyes no longer has a chimney… or a gingerbread man… or a Christmas Tree for the front of her house.” – Me

“Dad, I think you should build hers next!” – Mr. Hockey says, with a fond grin on his face.

houses05 houses03 houses01

“I need more icing!” – Big Guy loudly declares.

“Well… you can take the stuff Angel Eyes is eating.” – Elastoboy says, pointing to a slobbery container of iceing.

Shriek, Scream, Stomp, Stomp, Stomp.
“My House Fell Down!” – Electric Lady

and at the same time…

“So yeah, about that sturdy house of Little Why’s – It fell over!” -Me

“What did YOU do to it?” – Hubbers says, obviously blaming me for the catastrophe.

“Here, Mr. Hockey. My house is perfect. Let me build yours.” – Big Guy says as he begins to put Mr. Hockey’s house together.

“Nooooo! Elastoboy’s tank is going to shoot it! It needs to be rubble!” – Mr. Hockey shrieks, pulling the house away from Big Guy.

houses07 houses12

“Mommy? Me eat it now?” – Monkey Girl says, gesturing to her barely decorated house with all the candy located directly in front of her.

After giving Monkey girl as small amount of candy, I move her house and Angel Eyes house to the counter.

“Want Houseee! Waaaannnttt HOUUUUSEEEE!” – Angel Eyes begins yelling in her “Gonna throw a tantrum” voice.

Hubbers quickly moves in to distract her with something as I move on to help Little Why, who appears to be half asleep at the table.

“Me done now. Can I go lay down?” – Little Why groggily replies, going in to lay on the couch. Dora is quickly put in to both distract Angel Eyes and soothe a sick little boy.

“Electric Lady’s house is done now. Let me fix Monkey Girl’s.” – Hubbers

After handing over the house, which I have been holding together while dealing with everything else, I actually look at Elastoboy’s creation.

houses08 houses10 houses11

“Oh! Wow… you are actually making a tank… not a mess!” – Me

“MOMMM!!” – Elastoboy says with exasperation in his voice.

“Um… Dad? My house fell down.” – Electric Lady

Half an hour and a lot of house holding later, we had 7 complete… er mostly complete gingerbread houses… without even hunting down the glue gun.

houses09 houses13

Who knew it would be such a stressful experience! But would we do it again? Of course=)

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Happy Birthday, my Electric Lady!

bdayml1 1mustache1
This little girl? The adorable and feisty little 6 year old who joined our family in the spring of 2008? Well she really isn’t that little of a girl anymore!

I am a bit late posting this… it’s been busy around here and …ahem… my free time has not been spent blogging as of late thanks to Pirate Red introducing me to Sherlock! Gosh I love that show!

However, my newfound love of Sherlock did not impact my biggest girl’s birthday. Such a special and amazing girl definitely deserves her time in the spotlight! Especially for her birthday! Love that candle blowing photo… I think she’d do her “Jump up and down and shriek” trick she does when she is displeased about something if she were to spot it on my blog=p Shhhh… don’t tell her!
bdaym1 bdaym2

She chose to have a Laser Tagging birthday party this year so that is exactly we we did. She, the boys and a few of her friends had a great time shooting at each other. They then got to go into the New and Exciting Vault for 30 minutes to pretend they were thieves ducking around laser beams. I am pretty sure that was the highlight of the whole party for everyone. The littles even got to try it out.
bdaym3 bdayma1

I can’t believe another birthday has gone by us… and it has been nearly 5 years since Electric Lady entered our lives. When she left for a short time to try living at her Granny’s, there was a hole in our hearts and we knew she was a part of us. So happy to have this young (electric) lady in our lives and thank God for her!

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Totschool – G and H weeks!!

Tot School
My tots are 2-4 years old!

Still behind but getting caught up! This post will be about our G and H weeks.
We used the printables from 1+1+1=1’s Animal ABC’s to make our letter crafts. We used tissue paper and glue for Gg and Water colour paint for Hh. They had fun glueing down their gorillas and hippos too!
gh02 gh03
gh22 gh21

We spent some time outside but not as much as usual due to the time change. It has been getting dark around 4:30ish and quite chilly. We are usually outside during that time so were working out the kinks. Now we go out for longer in the morning and not at all in the afternoon. When it starts getting dark later again, we’ll switch to 2 times a day again.
gh04 hg2 gh18

Our secondary theme to our letters of the week was about how animals find it hard to gather food in the colder weather and how some even hibernate. We made bird feeders out of pine cones, peanut butter and bird seed to help them out.
gh07 gh08 gh06

We spent some time on tot trays and table toys as well. During these two weeks, we used playdough and our ABC cutters, blew up long skinny balloons with a small airpump, coloured pictures, made funny faces, used stickers, played preschool games on the ipad and crayon rubbings.
gh05 gh01gh09 gh24 gh25
gh23 hg1 bla1

During circle time, we did lot’s of letter practice. We also played with our cards from our letter basket and took turns sorting them into Gg and Hh piles.
gh10 gh15

The kids had some fun with crafts too. A favourite was putting a square piece of cardstock into a large ziplock plastic bag and doing some colour-mixing. We had fun guessing what colour the two would make and the pictures turned out quite pretty.
We also made Hippos out of letter H. They look more like monsters, but the kids had fun anyway.
gh11 gh12
gh16 gh17

Finally, we decorated a small Christmas tree that the kiddos are aloud to decorate and undecorate (in an attempt to keep them from the big tree). 
gh20 gh26

And that is it for G and H! Next up, I and J then we are all caught up!

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Family Update – Fall Fun, Halloween and preparing for Christmas

Well, it has been a while since I posted a family update! Lot’s of things have happened so this will be a big one!
First of all, we enjoyed lot’s of nice (and not so nice, to be honest) fall weather. There was fishing, tea parties, autumn tree finding, backyard playing, park exploring and leaf jumping to be had in our family this fall!
1sthalf04 1sthalf081sthalf05 2ndhalf17

1sthalf31 1sthalf19
1sthalf18 1sthalf301sthalf27 1sthalf16 1sthalf26

In preparation for Halloween, we had our annual pumpkin carving night. Everyone gets a pumpkin, digs out the insides and designs their own face. We had a pretty big crew this year and couldn’t all fit around the table! Pirate Red, Angel Eyes, Little Why and Mr. Hockey’s buddy helped to make this an even more fun time.
1sthalf32 2ndhalf01
1sthalf36 1sthalf37 2ndhalf02
1sthalf33 1sthalf38 2ndhalf03
1sthalf35 1sthalf34

Our “everyday” family adventures included trebuchet building,  computer using,hockey season starting and kitty hugging at bedtime.
2ndhalf10 1sthalf11
1sthalf20 1sthalf10

We also had balloon animal making, hair fixing, snack making, adorable Angel Eye feet, floor installing, twister playing, race car driving and friend visiting fun.
1sthalf01 1sthalf09
1sthalf12 1sthalf25
1sthalf28 1sthalf29
1sthalf14 friends1

Celebrating Mr. Hockey’s, Elastoboy’s, Big Guy’s and Monkey Girl’s special days were… well… special. I didn’t get many pictures from the days as I was going through a “Forget your head if it wasn’t attached” period during the month of September… when we celebrated the boys’ special days! We always have a cake at home (or Chuck-E-Cheese in Monkey’s case) and then go out to the restaurant of the Special person’s choice. We do this to celebrate adoption or move in days. In Monkey Girl’s case, she has always been here, so we celebrate her dedication day instead!

1sthalf03 1sthalf072ndhalf33 2ndhalf352ndhalf34 mitch1

Dressing and Trick-or-Treating was an exciting time for everyone! It was a bit of a chilly and rainy night so we didn’t stay out as long as usual but it was still a good night.
2ndhalf09 2ndhalf05 2ndhalf08
2ndhalf07 2ndhalf04 2ndhalf06

We started out November with the Amherstview Santa Parade. It is always on the Saturday after Halloween and a great way to kick off the Christmas Season. I also prefer it for the littles as it isn’t yet too cold and it isn’t in the dark for afraid of the dark little girls…Ahem… Monkey Girl.

2ndhalf13 2ndhalf14 2ndhalf15 2ndhalf16

Hubbers went on a trip and brought back some fun surprises. We also got right to work on finishing Monkey Girl and Mr. Hockey’s school projects. It is kind of neat to have two sixth graders in the same school! They have definitely bonded more since joining the same class.
2ndhalf18 2ndhalf19 2ndhalf12

Last but not least, we started our family Christmas traditions with decorating the tree altogether. We played Christmas music and got everyone in on the action! It turned out quite lovely, if I do say so myself!

2ndhalf22 2ndhalf272ndhalf23 2ndhalf25 2ndhalf292ndhalf24  2ndhalf26  2ndhalf28  2ndhalf30 dom1

The finished tree!

And that’s it for now!

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Totschool – Halloween Fun

Yep… still catching up=)
But we did so many fun Halloween activities, I still had to share!

We had fun with making witches brew and dumping, squirting and pouring coloured water. Monkey Girl and Angel Eyes were most excited by this one and I love how they would help one another.

We made some crafts – Simple ghost outlines that the kids filled in, cut out and added googly eyes to.

Pumpkins I drew and they created faces on. I made a bunch of different eyes, noses and moths and let them choose which they wanted to add to their pumpkins.

And simple small white pumpkins that the kiddos painted with acrylics.

We had some sensory fun with coloured spaghetti noodles and water play.

We had lot’s of different tot toys out such as our Cheerio halloween book, Toy cash register and coins, playdough, pumpkin counting, Mickey Mouse number puzzles, the Dora seek and find toy and a few more that I didn’t get pictures of.

We took a trip to the park to enjoy all the orangey fall colours.

And went for a costume walk to play in the leaves on another day!

The kids had fun mixing food colouring in a bowl of cornstarch and water and making forts in the living room as we prepared to remove the carpet.

They also had fun making halloween cookies and using the cookie cutters to make their bread into fun shapes.

And that would be it for Halloween! Next up – G and H!

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Totschool – Poor Forgotten Dd!

Tot School
My tots are between 2 and 4 years old.


I just realized that I misnamed my Thanksgiving post as Dd is for Dolphins and that I never did post about letter Dd! I have issues with things being incomplete, so here it is!

We had lot’s of beautiful weather so spent lot’s of it outside, playing in the leaves.

We had lot’s of fun at circle time! The kiddos counted the date, swam on their bellies like dolphins, talked about dolphin pictures, and played “find the Dd’s” with our letter basket cards.

A favourite activity was marble painting our letter craft from 1+1+1’s Animal ABC’s. We used blue and green paint to help it look like an ocean then glued on the dolphins. All of the littles enjoyed rolling the marbles around in the box.

We also did some painting on the easel. They really love this and I need to remember to do it more often!

Tot toys were out this week as well! Here are some that I got pictures of! We usually have 4-6 different “trays” or “centres” out that the kids switch through. The activities not only reinforce fine motor and cognitive skills but also sharing and waiting your turn!
Colouring, washing pennies, stickers, rolling balls, using the Melissa and Doug Birthday Cake, playing with musical instruments, ocean magnetic puzzle, cutting practice and matching numbered stones.

Last, we spent time working on printables from 1+1+1=1. We did colouring, tracing, colours and doing a playdough Dd page.

And that would be it for our letter Dd week!

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