Monday Organizing – The Plan

So, I had a brilliant plan over the past few days.

I need to organize some things in my life. If I use my blog to daily focus on different aspects of my life, reflecting, posting photos and planning, maybe I can make that happen! This is an idea of what I will be focusing on every day with my blog posts. Keep in mind, each day will be a summary of the week. For example – on Thursday I will include all the fun learning things we did throughout the week!

Monday’s – Organizing

How in the world am I organizing this crazy bunch of folks living in my home? Do I have any goals? Any big events? Schedules, guides and of course failures from previous plans will go here. Today… is Monday! Today… is planning day!

Tuesday’s – Therapy

What are we doing to theraputicly help our children? Many of them have come from situations that has left wounds on their hearts, souls and minds. How are we working to heal them? Our official titles through the Children’s Aid Society are Parent therapists. How are we living up to those titles? What works? What doesn’t? What makes us cringe and what makes us go to bed with a smile and thoughts of “We got somewhere today!”?

Wednesday’s – Home

Cleaning the house, decluttering, fix it projects, major renovations. All that good kind of stuff!

Thursday’s – Learning time

Learning activities are good for children. I want Monkey Girl to learn! This is where I’ll show some of those learning activities that I plan on doing with her. I love the concept of Tot school at 1+1+1=1. I don’t like calling it tot-school as I personally don’t really like the idea of my one year old in school=p She’s my baby… babies can’t grow up… right?

Friday’s – Family

What did we do for family day? How did we incorporate each individual into our lives. Maybe some reflections on things we could do better, maybe some photo bombs and just general updates about me, hubbers and the kiddos.

Saturday’s – Something Fun

The title describes it… I’ll post something fun on Saturday!

Sunday’s – God

We go to church on Sundays… but how have we incorporated God into our lives throughout the week? How can we improve? Verses, activities, ideas. We love God in this house… this is a time for focus on Him!

So here’s to a new idea and hopefully the beginning of a more organized Momma/Parent Therapist/Wife!

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