Wednesday Musings – Holy Renovations Batman!

So… we were crazy. In the week after Christmas with all the kids at home, we decided to turn our upstairs playroom into a bedroom with a playroom/art room in front. It was wild… I actually thought I was going to go crazy due to all the mess/clutter/Christmas toys scattered around my house due to the combo of Christmas Day and the renovations. BUT… we got it done! Well to be honest, Francis got it done and I looked after the kids and tried really hard to clean up the mess left behind.

Why did we need a new bedroom? Because Electricia and Queen Bee were sharing a room and it just wasn’t working. Argueing, pillow fights, saucyness, whispering, sticking out tongues, major fits, us sititng outside their bedroom for 45 minutes every night were really starting to wear on us. Now we have them separated and I have to say… the craziness was worth it! We are more sane in general now!

We haven’t totally finished the playroom area but it’s nearly there. Queen Bee’s room is set up nicely now, though I forgot to take a photo and she is now in bed so that would be a bad idea. This is the current playroom photo. The trim needs to go up and I need to decorate the walls, bring out a little table for the kitchen and that is about it.

For good measure, here is a before photo. I have to say I am a bit sad to lose our farm playroom=( But this will be better in the long run.

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