Thursday Tot-Time – Blue Bins, Towers and Shrek Babies

Tot School

My tot is 17 months old

So this is the first week I have tried the whole “Tot-School” idea, or Learning Time as I like to call it at home. I have to say we really had fun with it! Monkey Girl enjoyed the undivided attention she received, had a fun time with Momma and managed to learn a few things while at it.

After looking at a few blogs, I noticed that sensory bins are pretty popular. I decided to make one of our own and for now, we’ll be changing it weekly. Since Monkey Girl is only 17 months old, I decided to do a colour bin (The Blue Bin as I often referred to it as). I put random blue objects from around the house:

2 little Blue stuffed elephants

2 Blue foam snowmen left over from a craft with my schoolage children

a large blue manipulative block

8 various blue duplo blocks

a fuzzy blue feather pen that no longer writes

2 blue chip clips

2 blue balls (one dark and one light)

a blue paint cup

a blue toy hammer

a blue toy screw

a blue foam car

2 plastic blue snowflake ornaments

Monkey Girl’s favourites were the two snowmen, the fuzzy blue pen and big blue block. Here you can see her in action!

We also used a car puzzel. This one is from Giant Tiger, cost me 2.97 and is an awesome addition to our puzzle collection. The back side has a picture of the backdrop for the car pieces but without the wholes for the cars. We were able to drive them around on there and Monkey Girl quite enjoyed that. She also felt the need to bring her little Shrek baby girl (Baba-ee as she calls it) to ride on the cars. She rather enjoyed this part of the activity. Not what Momma had in mind, but that is okay. We had fun anyway!

Monkey Girl has always loved building towers so I included her stacking cups that Santa brought her this year. She quickly figured them out and we enjoyed building towers and knocking them down. By the end of the week she was beginning to nest them inside of each other as well, but I don’t have a photo of that.

Last but not least, I chose a word book. We often play a “find it” game with her books where I read the items then ask her to point them out. We did this every day with her ABC word book and by the end there were only a few she could not show me. If only I could get her to SAY the words, we’d be high flying. She can say many words, but is quite stubborn and refuses to when asked.

Well I’d say that is it for this week! We’ll be continuing with the toys for Fri-Sun and I’ll be replacing the four on Monday. I hope we have as much fun next week as we did this!  We also enjoyed playing with blue playdough and painting with blue paint. Not the greatest photo… but I just love her “Cheese” face!

This is our learning time shelving unit. Not all of these are the active toys we use daily but I will be changing them out frequently just to keep things interesting. (Our boys socks and girls sock boxes are also stored here!!)

Pictured below we have: (top row, left to right, then bottom row, left to right)

1. Ming Ming (from the wonderpets), 2. stacking blocks, giggly toy and baby shrek (that she is OBSESSED with), 3. Box of books, 4. Momma bear, baby bear and baby doll, 5. Blue Bin, 6. Pop Up animal toy

1. Boys sock box, 2. Girls sock box, 3. Bin of puppets, 4. Lady bug pillow pet, 5. Manipulative blocks, 6. Car puzzel

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One Response to Thursday Tot-Time – Blue Bins, Towers and Shrek Babies

  1. Ewa says:

    Your tot is realy cute. I like the painting activity. We’re going to do this today. Love from Poland. Ewa

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