Truths on Sunday – Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Because I want my family to have a more firm grounding in God’s word, I’ve decided to add a bit of Bible learning into our week. I am starting with learning some pretty important verses that are applicable to our kids lives.

Tonight I worked with “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” in Psalms 139:4.

First I read the passage it is found in, asked the kiddos what they thought it meant. I was pleasantly surprised to hear things like:

“God made us and no matter how ugly we think we are, he thinks we’re wonderful.” – Mr. Hockey

“He used a thread when we were in the womb to stitch us – our brain, our body and put us all together before we were born.” – Elasto-Boy

“I bet he started even before I was in the womb!” – Electric Lady

Next I asked each kid to draw 12 circles on a piece of paper, then give them all happy faces. Queen Bee flew through it while Elasto-Boy took his good ol’ time. Once finished we talked about how they were all different and God made their hair, the eyes, their bodies, their brains. He loves them and thinks they are just wonderful. We then wrote the verse on each of their pages and we’ll be reveiwing the verse every morning for the next week while we eat breakfast.

Here’s their papers – I think Mr. Hockey was pretty proud of the large head at the bottom of the page is supposed to be his Dad in “smiley version” with glasses and all.

As a nice bonus, Mr. Hockey sat reading one of the Narnia books and looks up to me and says “I think Jill needs to read that verse, she really doesn’t like herself much.”

It’s always sweet, sweet honey when they get it!

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