Monday Organizing – Had’s and Did’s

I have to say, I didn’t manage to get the big organizing item I had planned for today completed… or even started for that matter.

I HAD planned to take all the art materials in the bins and sort them. The kids have really been bad with this recently and everything is mixed up. I HAD planned on putting up signs with rules on putting things away, wiping down the table and treating materials with respect (with photo reminders for the girls. I HAD planned on taking down the Christmas artwork and putting up the new winter ones we made last week and this week. I HAD planned on making some easy templates of crafts the girls (and a few of my before and afterschool children) could copy to make their own works of art.

I did none of that.

I DID put up a really cute set of alphabets and numbers on the wall. I DID put up a cute bumble bee and lady bug poster. I DID have a nap this afternoon!

So.. a day a bit wasted… but at least I have the ideas in my brain! Hopefully I’ll get them done tomorrow and can share the finished product next week.

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