Crafty Musings – Penguins and Monsters

I have decided that nobody wants to read about me cleaning the house… I don’t even want to write about it to tell the truth.

I run a before and afterschool program from my home so I thought I might share some of the activities we do. This may change from time to time, with posts about anything from the weather to my four furry friends but the main focus will be on crafts!

This week we made penguins and snowmen. I didn’t get photos of the snowmen, as I didn’t make the decision to feature crafts on my blog until Tuesday, however these penguins turned out pretty cute.

I gave each of the kids a body and head joint peice which was basicly just a circle connected to an oval with a flat bottom. I then used the scrap paper from that cut out to make some paisley shaped wings. I grabbed some orange afterwards and cut them each out a beak and then some nice webbed feet. Finally I used some white to make a circle to distinguish the penguins belly and gave them all some googely eyes. This craft was a hit with all the kids, even the ones who usually aren’t very artful! I was actually surprised!

I usually shy away from paper piecing crafts as I find they don’t really allow for the kids to show their individuality. However, one of my after school kiddos didn’t seem to let this stop him! I just love his creation!

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