Tot School Thursdays – Tomatoes, Fish and the Colour Red

Tot School

My tot is 17.5 months old.

This weeks learning time was pretty fun. Monkey girl now knows that after TV time, it is time for her learning time toys.  I give her a 30 minute show after getting all our bigger kids plus my schoolage charges off to school so Momma can unwind a bit.  However, she is getting up to turn off the TV before the show is over and dragging me towards the puzzles when she notices the action starting to wind down. (This usually happens shortly after Ming Ming says “This is SERIOUS” in the Wonderpets.)

We have gotten a groove going on where I choose four learning toys for the week. One is always a bin of some sort, one a book, one a manipulative and one a puzzle. As she gets older, I am sure we will add and change some of this but it works well for a 17.5 month old.

We also do an art activity and a hands on activity. Sometimes these are interchangeable (like this week). We made red bingo dobber prints on Monday and then a red collage on Wednesday. Monkey girl loves art, so really enjoyed both activities.

Our bin changed from blue to red this week. I gathered up a bucket-full of interesting items and brought them out for her to play with during the week. She would frequently go to this bin to play during the day and my older kids were excited by the new items they found inside the bin too. They are eagerly anticipating the “Yellow Bin” next week.

This week’s red bin held:

a large red paint brush

a square piece of red wood (from our DVD shelf)

A plastic tomato connected together with velcro

A plastic strawberry connected together with velcro

a plastic red playdough knife

3 red cookie cutters

9 red duplo blocks of various shapes and sizes

6 red Christmas bows

a red duplo canou

5 red toy screws

a red bull beanie baby

a red spider web

red Christmas sock

4 red crayons

2 red balls

The bin in action! She truly loved chopping up the velcro tomato, and to a lesser degree, the strawberry too!

Monkey girl really enjoyed her puzzle this week. It was a magnetic fishing game from Melissa and Doug. She had some difficulty connecting the rod to the pieces but when she did, became very intent on swinging it around making happy “EEEE” noises. She amazed me with this puzzle by being able to name both the shark and the crab. She also could point out the blue whale and the red octopus and fish. Our colour work is sinking in!

We had some fun with her magnetic counting book, though I think it may have been a bit above her level right now. She did enjoy placing the numbers where they belonged and had fun “poking” each item as I did when counting them.

My favourite activity of the week was a set of shape sorting blocks from Wal-mart. I was so excited to use these when I found them last week. They are very versatile. Tots can place shapes inside matching blocks, one side of each block can be placed together to create a scene of jungle animals, large face shots are on one side of the blocks which is great for naming, another side of the blocks are bumpy, providing a sensory experience and they are very sortable by colour. I am debating using them again next week as we really only used them for shape sorting this week. I highly recommend this toy. It was only 10 dollars and I even found my 9 year old working on the puzzle aspect earlier this week.

Monkey Girl was very proud of herself when she got the right shape in its proper spot!

Also, here is a peek at our shelves this week!

From left to right, top to bottom

1. Sorting blocks, 2. Stacking cars and two stuffed rabbits, 3. Red Bin, 4. Baby doll and mini talking Elmo, 5. Pal interactive dog, 6. Fish Puzzle

1. Boys sock box, 2. Girls sock box, 3. Bin of puppets, 4. Lady Bug pillow pet, 5. Heart sorting boxes (red and pink), 6. Bin of books

That’s it for this week! Please click the link at the top to see what other mom’s of tots are up to!

Click the image above to see other box ideas!

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10 Responses to Tot School Thursdays – Tomatoes, Fish and the Colour Red

  1. donettebell says:

    Looks like lots of fun.
    I love your shelves

  2. Ewa says:

    The blocks with shapes are fantastic. My boy is into shapes right now. I put them on my must buy list . Thanks for sharing. Ewa

  3. We have the dog you do. He has been a favorite for a long time. The color bin is such a great idea!

  4. Ooh, I like your shelves! I’m still working on getting our stuff organized. I love the red week! Great idea on the color bin and those blogs from WalMart look awesome! I might have to pick some up!

  5. patricia says:

    I love your boxes. I would love if you link this post to my bloghop boxes ideas Tuesday.

  6. patricia says:

    Thanks for linking! I would like you to came again next tuesday. I love your ideas.

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