Friday Family – Individuals

Sometimes in a large family, it is hard to see everyone as individuals. One of the things I have been working on lately is to make sure that each of my children (and Hubbers too) gets some of my individual time each week.

One of the things I am implementing to help each of the kiddos feel special is to set aside some time each week to build a puzzel, draw a picture, etc with them. We do a lot of family things and each of them is supposed to be involved in an activity (tho Electric Lady and Queen Bee haven’t restated after the holidays yet) so sometimes it is hard to squeeze in time for simple things like that.

I am also trying to take each of them out to Mcdonalds/Tim Hortons/Wendy’s/ETC every couple of weeks. This may be during their lunch break, after a hockey game or just randomly when time appears. So far it has worked and the kids are happy. I really do enjoy being with them on their own. You can see a very different person emerge than when we are as a group. There is so much rivalry, one upping and putting down’s that sometimes the sweetness is hidden.

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