Monday Organizing – The Art Area

I managed to get the art area organized this week! I am very happy to have this task done as it has been bothering me for months. I am determined to have the kids place everything back in it’s proper home after use and to keep it neat and tidy.

I sorted through many pencil crayons, markers, tape, scissors, etc and have assigned a different bin for each. I then labeled each bin to make tidy time easier. I placed items that I do not want the baby to be able to reach on top.

On our second shelf I sorted colouring books and removed the tattered ones and random papers. I sorted types of paper and arranged the other art materials. The kids commented on how tidy it looks. I am hoping that they try to keep it that way.

I know this doesn’t seem like an outrageous feat – to organize some art materials but you didn’t see it before I began. The kids (both mine and my before and afterschool care kids) have had free range over this area since mid November and their dislike for cleaning up after themselves really showed!

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