Therapeutic Tuesday – Quiet Please

Something we often struggle with in our home is the purposeful nudging and picking in order to make another child explode. Queen Bee is the… well… queen of this, however the others have picked up on her tactics as well.

In order to combat some of this, I put together a special place called “The Quiet Zone.” It has many uses but they all boil down to one word – Prevention. Our hope is that by sending either the offending child, or their victim to “The Quiet Zone” we will be able to reduce the amount of explosions, outbursts and nastiness that currently have taken over our home. “The Quiet Zone” will also be used to help children who are feeling a bit too energetic and having a hard time controlling their impulses to have some alone time where they can re-compose themselves. With three children with ADHD, prevention of hyperactive behaviours is a necessity in keeping our sanity. When the children are feeling overwhelmed, they can also ask to go to “The Quiet Zone.”

I purchased a beanbag chair that the children can pull out and get comfy.

The shelves hold:

A small Lego set that has the instructions so it can be build and taken apart

A Bear lacing set

Wild animals and snap together land peices

Light Bright and Pegs


Books with 3-D glasses

Wipe board

Velvet colouring set

Colouring books

Pencil Crayons and crayons

The kids are very eager to use it and keep asking. I am hoping they get positive feelings from it rather than feeling as though it is a punishment to go there. Our strategy used to be sending them to read books. It was problematic because Queen Bee and Electric Lady have troubles reading, Mr. Hockey is not a fan of reading and Elasto-Boy loves to read – just not when we tell him to. They would simply view the break time as a punishment, making them even less calm than before they began.

I have also continued with the Love Languages. I want to give Quality time another week before commenting on how things went, but no worries. I haven’t dropped the concept!

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