Tot Time Thursdays – Ducks, More Ducks and the Colour Yellow

Tot School

My tot is 18 months old.

This week’s learning time seemed a bit more rushed than usual due to appointments and general business around the house but we managed to do everything I had planned. Monkey Girl was also showing an independent streak, wanting to do things her way. While this was pretty cute, it was also pretty distracting!

We filled our bin with the colour yellow this week. Monkey Girl enjoyed it, but only until she discovered that she could take all the cute little yellow duckies and add them to the new ones we bought at wal-mart last weekend.

For good measure… here she is with her duck collection. She truly does love these little rubber fellows!

I had to be creative to keep her interest in the rest of the items! One of the games that she enjoyed quite a bit was find it. I would say “Find the Yellow Ball for Momma” and she would happily dig around in the bin and pull out the one I asked for. I was pretty impressed with her ability to follow instructions and she was very proud to show off her treasure.

Our Yellow bin held:

5 yellow rubber duckies

6 yellow straws

a yellow egg

2 yellow shape sorting blocks

8 yellow duplo blocks

a yellow paint container

a yellow beanie baby lion

2 yellow screw

a yellow fake peice of wood

a yellow lemon

2 yellow cookie cutters

3 yellow toy chips

a yellow hammer

a yellow pair of star glasses

4 yellow train people

We used a number puzzle to help with her fine motor skills. She could put in most of the numbers, but she enjoyed kissing them, hugging them and putting them to sleep far more than she enjoyed building the actual puzzle. All of those cute little animals that we were supposed to be counting, were just too much fun!

Our Cheerios book was the focus for reading time this week (though we always read many different books, every day). I like the Cheerios book because it can be used for counting, animal naming and the pictures are simple and appealing to little ones. Of course, Monkey Girl needed to go her own way with this activity too. She would help me place a few, then point for me to continue with the counting and placement.

As soon as I would get the holes filled up, Monkey Girl would dive in and eat them as fast as she possibly could. Ah toddlers… she did have me in fits of giggles at her enthusiasm though!

Last, we used our stacking toy from Ikea. Monkey Girl has always loved this one and actually used it for the purpose I had set out: making towers. I tried to play some colour sorting, colour picking and colour naming games with her but she was determined to stack them. Maybe next time!

We also played playdough and stuck yellow dot stickers on paper. She loves doing any activity that is crafty in nature.

Here is a peek at what’s on our shelves!

(l-r, t-b)

1. pop up animal toy, 2. Stacking rings, 3. stacking cars and wiggly giggler, 4. Cheerio book and cheerios, 5. Bin of rubber duckies, 6. Number puzzle

1. Boys sock box, 2. Girls sock box, 3. Bin of puppets, 4. Yellow Bin, 5. Singing duck and Mickey Mouse, 6. Bin of books

Click the image at the top to see what others are doing with their tots this week!

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One Response to Tot Time Thursdays – Ducks, More Ducks and the Colour Yellow

  1. What a little cutie! We have very similar shelves to yours, and I really like how easy it is for a young child to choose toys and activities.

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