Friday Family – Family Night

One thing I have always wanted to implement for our family was a “family day” where we keep the day protected each week to simply spend time as a family.

We have done this. It doesn’t always go smoothly, but nonetheless, there is one day a week (Monday nights) dedicated to us as a whole. Mr. Hockey frequently thanks God in his prayers that we could spend time as a family on those nights, and Queen Bee says she can tell this is a good family because we actually spend time together. I love to hear these comments. My heart smiles!

We always have to guard against the day turning into an “event” rather than time together. This was becoming a problem for a while, but we have scaled down and only go out someplace like Chuck-E-Cheese once a month, with the others being activities like sledding or a family walk. The next thing we need to work on is keeping all of us involved. I find with events like sledding, Hubbers and I kind of stick back, or spend most of the time redirecting behaviours rather than activly spending time with the children.

Family nights also seem to cause more misbehaviours in our kids than usual. I think some of this boils down to Monday’s being stressful in general as the beginning of the week, but most to the fact that most of our kids have a hard time accepting family, spending time together and the warm fuzzies that go with that. I am hoping that by being consistent, things will eventually change.

Regardless of our less than perfect nights, I am glad we have them. I am sure memories are being formed and our kids feel special because, despite our busy-ness, we have a night just for them.

Here’s a few family night adventures that we have been on:

Baking, Chuck-E-Cheese, Movies

Swimming, Snowboarding, Sledding

Crafting and Walks

These are just a few of the activities we have completed as a family this winter. I am looking forward to many more!

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