Truths on Sunday – Got a Groove

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I think I found something that works!

Last week I mentioned that I was having trouble keeping the kids focused during our bible time on Sunday evenings. This week I tried reading to them from this book:

You can click on the image to find out more info/buy. You can also find it at Amazon and Chapters.

It is broken up into daily devotions, though I did not just read one days worth.  I wanted to get through the whole story of creation and Adam and Eve’s bad choice. While reading, I had the kids colour a sheet showcasing Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. Electric Lady LOVES colouring so it was right up her alley. Mr. Hockey enjoys it too, though often complains it makes his hand tired. Queen Bee is not such a fan, but has nobody to goof off with because they are all busy. Elasto-Boy is very into drawing so is happy to flip his sheet over and do his own re-enactment on the back of the colouring sheet. I was even able to involve Monkey Girl in our Bible time this way too!

Next week I think I will do some more reading from our fun Bible devotional (which, BTW, is at a perfect level for easy understanding for the kiddos) and have them create a scene with playdough. I hope to change things up a bit and keep them interested and listening by keeping their hands busy. I know that I, personally, am better able to pay attention when I can doodle or fiddle with something. Not sure why I didn’t think of this sooner!

Here are the (somewhat) finished products – I love Elasto-Boy’s comic and the loud speaker in the apple tree. Electric Lady took the colouring very seriously and stayed at the table long after we were done to finish her picture.

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One Response to Truths on Sunday – Got a Groove

  1. Wonder Mom says:

    GREAT way to keep your kiddos interested while reading them the Word! I often give my kiddos something to work on (coloring sheet, legos, play dough) or a snack to nibble on when I am reading them something more challenging- and we all know that the Bible CAN be challenging at times… :0)

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