Monday Organizing – Tidying Up!

As my organizing task for this past week, I decided that I needed a new weekly schedule for cleaning the house. I have had a few of these and they work well… until we change around the house, life gets busy and things get misplaced. I find I need to change them up 3 or 4 times a year.

For this schedule, I have broken things down into Daily, Weekly and Monthly. I plan on creating some monthly calendars to fit the monthly tasks into. I have been really struggling with getting everything done, so I am hoping this helps!

Dishwasher (x2)
Kitchen Swept
Entry Swept
General Tidy of Living room
Counters/Surfaces cleaned in Kitchen
General Tidy of Playroom
1 load of laundry (more if it is a weekend)

Laundry Room clean-up (bi-weekly)
Dusting/Wiping down surfaces
Cleaning appliances
Cleaning bathroom sinks/toilets

Wipe down of Cupboards
Bleaching sinks
Kitchen and Bathroom walls
Reorganize Recroom
Reorganize Playroom
Reorganize Kitchen Homework area

Weekly Breakdown:

Monday: Vacuuming
Tuesday: Mopping
Wednesday: Appliances, Laundry Room – On days Electric Lady has no therapy, Monthly cleaning task on other Wednesdays
Thursday: Bathroom
Friday: Dusting/Wipe Down surfaces
Sat: Laundry catchup
Sunday: Monthly cleaning task

I hate cleaning, this schedule gives me a goal for the day and I actually get things done. I highly recommend making one and sticking to it.

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