Wednesday Musings – Crayon Shmayon

I have been wanting to make funky crayons since I ran across the idea at 1+1+1 and Frugal Family Fun Blog last month. I finally got a chance this Tuesday and Wednesday.

My first try didn’t go as well and I didn’t really get any photos. You can see the surviving crayons (puzzle pieces) in the photo of the finished product below. I did them in the microwave inside an ice cube tray. The tray was melted and I mostly ended up with a big mess. At least I got a few good ones  because I had made them with two of my daycare kids. They would have been so disappointed if they didn’t get to take any home!

I decided to do it the right way the next day and went out to purchase some silicon cooking sheets for the oven. I found some really neat heart ones at the Dollarama.

We peeled and peeled crayons.

Electric Lady was very best peeler – I think her nice long nails-that-I-really-need-to-cut  helped her out!

We filled the heart shaped holes as we went.

We cooked them for 15-20 minutes (until melted) at 275 degrees. We let them sit for a few so the baking sheets could cool down, then sat them out in the snow on our back deck to harden.

Once hardened, we brought them in, popped them out and TAH-DAH!

Give it a try! It was fun!

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One Response to Wednesday Musings – Crayon Shmayon

  1. Yay!!! They turned out beautifully! 🙂

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