Tot-School Thursday – Gorgeous Green, Shapes and Loveable Characters

Tot School

My tot is 18 months old.

This week was much more organized and, honestly, really fun! We had a great time using the toys and activities I had chosen and Monkey Girl seemed ready to participate and learn. She accomplished a few goals I had set for her when I started this whole system:

– Placing puzzle peices in a puzzle without any help from Momma (or Daddy… or siblings)

– Recognizing simple shapes such as circle, rectangle and star

– Pointing out specific colours when asked (She now can do green, red and blue. Yellow seems to illude her!)

I am pretty impressed!

This week was “Green” week in our colour bin. Monkey Girl was in love with her bin this week. She played in it daily, bringing out the toys over and over, dragging her siblings towards it and giving it lot’s of tender love. We played with the characters I placed inside, sorted different items, learned shapes, built towers, counted trees and just really had a great time playing together.

Inside our bin this week:

a green duck

a green dragon and turtle

Monkey Girl’s favourite baby Shrek

a Yoshi Mcdonald’s toy

10 wooden evergreen trees from our train set

8 Duplo blocks of various shapes and sizes

2 green screws

1 pretend green board for the screws to go in

a green paint container

a green train engine

3 green shape cookie cutters

a piece of velcro broccoli

a velcro pear

We played a game with the cookie cutters and characters (yoshi, shrek baby, turtle and dragon) where I would say “Go Dragon! Jump in the green star!” and Monkey girl would make the character jump in the correct shape. It took a few tries but after the first day, she was able to get the right shape 80% of the time. I think most of the other 20% wasn’t because she didn’t know what shape, but because she just really liked the star. Oh yes, and every time a character finished a turn, she had to give them a kiss or clap. It was pretty cute!

We used Monkey Girl’s sphere shape sorter to encourage fine motor skills and shape recognition. This is a toy she had always enjoyed and since she has not seen it in a while, she fell in love all over again. The difference this time was that I didn’t have to show her where most shapes would go AND she could get all except the funky shaped triangle in the proper hole.

Of course, building towers is always fun too and did you know that shape sorters doubled as duck ponds too?

Our book of the week was a simple one – Rainow colours. I knew Monkey Girl would be very interested in her shape sorter so I thought a short, easy book would be the best idea. We read the story each day, then I would go back and ask Monkey Girl to point to specific colours on the pages. She got red right away, struggled a bit with blue but got it after a few days and was totally in love with green. Yellow was just a flop. It was really great that the book focused on our main colours – red, yellow, green and blue.

The puzzle we played with this week as a simple farm animal one that I got from Wal-mart for 2.99. Monkey Girl loves animals of all types, but is especially fond of cows, cats and dogs and this puzzle had them all so we spent much time with these little critters.

Of course she had to kiss them and bite them…

But spent most of her time putting them to bed in their slot in the puzzle board.

And she impressed me with placing each of the pieces in the photo below into the puzzle on her own with no guidance from me.

We also played with shaving cream, made green colour bottles and played with shaving cream as our sensory activities this week. I only have photos from the shaving cream experience (I added green sprinkles to go along with our colour theme). Monkey Girl wasn’t sure what to make of it but ended up covered in it by the end so I think it was a successful activity!

We played a lot with the other shelve toys too. I switch most of them out weekly and try to get a good variety of items that will peek Monkey Girl’s interest and curiosity. The toys were a bit hit this time around.

On our shelves this week:

(l-r, t-b) 1. Cabbage Patch baby in a lion suit, 3 bottles filled with green water and other materials such as sparkles, dish soap and vegetable oil, 2. Ball popper, 3. Bin of rubber ducks, 4. Green Bin, 5. Shape sorter, 6. Farm Animal puzzle

1. Boy’s sock box, 2. Girl’s sock box, 3. Metal pan with magnetic foam shapes and the letters to Monkey Girl’s name, 4. Bin of puppets, 5. Two large green frogs, 6. Bin of books

That’s all for now. Please check out tot-school at the top of the page to see what others are doing!


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4 Responses to Tot-School Thursday – Gorgeous Green, Shapes and Loveable Characters

  1. Ewa says:

    I bet Monkey Girl had lots of fun with the shaving foam experience. Great week ;-). Hugs. Ewa

  2. Kim says:

    Look’s like a fun week!

  3. What a great week! Love the green theme and what a great puzzle for 3 bucks!

  4. patricia says:

    Thanks for linking up:))))) I love the sprinkles on the shaving cream it’s a good idea. Here in Spain it’s not usual to find food coloring but sprinkles are on handy, thanks for the idea:) I also like the idea of including stuffs animals in the boxes, I have a sofa plenty of them in Noarai’s bedroom it would be fun to rotate them as well.

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