Friday Family – Wonderfully Large

I have a large family. There are things about a large family that are hard – individual time, keeping the house clean, organization, differing opinions, likes and dislikes, to name a few.

However, there are a lot of things that I think make a large family wonderful.

I am posting this after a month of many ups and downs. Elasto-Boy is showing signs of bipolar depression. Electric Lady is off the wall with her anger. Queen Bee, while usually agreeable, has entered one of her phases where she feels like arguing with anyone and about everything. Mr. Hockey has been decent … though does show his stubborness from time to time. (like today)

Despite all this… I still love my large family.


You rarely need to look very far to find someone to play a board game with.

Even when most of your friends are busy for your birthday party, you still seem to be having a wild time.

Sharing books is easy.

Even when you wake up feeling grumpy, somebody in the house has the ability to make you smile.

There are lot’s of people to bring a roll of toilet paper when it is needed.

Misbehaviour at school gets a second though… usually… because you know someone is bound to tell.

There are always a variety of movies available as everyone has different tastes.

You get many songs on your ipod because your siblings (or children) bought them.

You can have a whole cheering squad at events.

Everyone has at least one friend to play with.

It is possible to go to the bathroom in peace (aka without the toddler) because you can probably rope one of the other kids into babysitting for 5 minutes.

It only costs 5 dollars to get your driveway shoveled – and people argue over who gets to do it.

Coats and boots can be used year after year… just by somebody new!

And most of all?

Hugs can always be found!

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One Response to Friday Family – Wonderfully Large

  1. That’s SO not fair…you get to go to the bathroom without the toddler?? I AM STILL WAITING for the bathroom to be mine and mine alone when I gotta go! lol.

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