Monday Organizing – Learning Time and Family Days

I am NOT the most organized person on the planet… far from it really.

I want to be, but I just never seem to take the time to work a more organized lifestyle in. I am trying though and this week, I decided to go easy on myself and organize Monkey Girl’s learning time each week and our family days for the next month since we are always scrambling to figure out what is happening.

Learning Time Schedule

Feb – Week 1

Bin – Blue and Yellow items

Shapes/Spacial – Sorting Blocks

Puzzle – Melissa and Doug farm puzzle

Book – On the Farm

Art – Blue and Yellow square collage

Sensory – Blue and Yellow handprint butterflies

Feb – Week 2

Bin – Red and Green items

Shapes/Spacial – Ikea stacking cups

Puzzle – Safari touch and feel puzzle

Book – Food

Art – Red and Green dobbers

Sensory – Green Goop (cornstarch and water)

Feb – Week 3

Bin – Valentine’s day items

Shapes/Spacial – Sorting red and pink hearts

Puzzle – Matching heart homemade puzzle

Book – I Love You Through and Through

Art – Glueing Foam Hearts

Sensory – Red Rice

Feb – Week 4

Bin – Red, Green, Blue and Yellow items

Shapes/Spacial – Sensory Blocks

Puzzle – Vehicle chunky puzzle

Book – Things that Go

Art – Water colour painting

Sensory – Dot stickers

Family Day Schedule

Feb week 1:

Round Robin Checker games

Feb week 2:


Feb week 3:

Fancy Dinner

Feb week 4:


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2 Responses to Monday Organizing – Learning Time and Family Days

  1. Ewa says:

    I have the same experience with organizing myself. Your month plan looks great. Your girl will be busy as a little bee. I like the idea of fancy dinner very much and hope you will blog about it too 😉 .Thanks for leaving me a comment. Have a joyful day.

  2. anneabell says:

    Oh we will for sure! Family day falls on Valentine’s Day so I thought it would be a nice way to work that in. Thanks for your comment too!

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