Wednesday Musings – So Hard

I wish that being a parent didn’t have to be so hard.

I feel like I am on a different page from Hubbers a lot these days and that just doesn’t work. Things I think go well, he doesn’t. Ways he thinks are the better way to handle a situation, I feel aren’t.
I really want us to get this sorted because it is really hard trying to parent when frequently feeling like it is something your partner would not agree with.
Don’t get me wrong, Hubbers is my biggest supporter. He makes me feel special. I love him to peices and respect him with all my being. I try my hardest (and am pretty successful, I think) at supporting his parenting decisions even when I don’t agree. I sometimes want to about them later, but in the now, I bite my lip and move on. I am sure he does the same for me. We just clash on some things – bedtime extensions, homework, time outs etc. Not always but sometimes and often when it really matters.

I just want it to be easier. That’s all… just easier.

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