Tot-Time Thursday – Blue, Yellow and Ducks again!

Tot School

My tot is 18.5 months old.

Monkey Girl is still obsessing over ducks so I tried to incorporate them into our play quite often to keep her interest. We had some disruptions during the week (an all morning dentist visit on Monday for Elasto-boy, a snowday on Wednesday and a Professional Activity Day on Thursday – therefore no school). I still managed to make some individual time for Monkey Girl each day, we just didn’t have quite as long of sessions as usual (and she just wanted to play with her ducks most of the time anyway!)

Our bin for the week was a mixture of blue and yellow. I thought being able to compare colours might help with her recognition. She did well when I played games with her – being able to place blue blocks in a blue container, place the yellow duck on the yellow bus, etc. However, she was much more likely to make her ducks “swim” on the floormats, “bounce” on the shelves and “kiss” their Momma’s.

In our bin this week:

3 yellow ducks

1 blue duck

a blue and a yellow paint cup

7 blue duplo blocks and 6 yellow duplo blocks

yellow star glasses

2 blue snowman

blue heart bracelet

2 yellow foam school busses

3 blue shape cookie cutters

yellow egg

Monkey Girl spotted her simple farm puzzle last week and loved the “Moo.” I decided to bring it out as her puzzle for the week. It certainly didn’t keep her attention like the other, more difficult puzzles we have been doing but she did enjoy her beloved “Moo” and learned how to “whiney” like a horse and practiced her “baaing” too!

Our fun shape sorter blocks were her favourite of the week -other than ducks of course. She figured out how to build towers with them, giving a whole new round of fun. She also still loved the shape sorting aspect so did that over and over again. The blocks also were fun to sort by colour, with extra focus on blue and yellow of course!

The book we used this week was “Farm” from the Wide Wide World series. Monkey Girl has always loved this book, even when she was very small. She enjoys pointing to the pictures and having me name all the objects. She is very good at making the animal sounds and can point out things like “tractor,” “trellis” and “pitch fork”.

Since she was so crazy over ducks, instead of doing a sensory experience this week, I created her a paper pond with a Momma duck and five babies. She was bouncing and gasping as I cut each one out – so excited! I used wide, clear packing tape to cover each piece on the back and front then attached velcro to the pond and ducks. She brought it to me many times to hear her favourite songs “Momma has 5 ducks” and “5 Little ducks.”

Last but not least, we made a blue and yellow collage out of squares of construction paper. She enjoyed sticking them on and pulling them off but didn’t quite get the concept that the squares needed to stay on the paper. I am sure this will come with time.

That is all our fun for the week! Here are our shelves:

l-r, t-b

Top: 1. Lion cabbage patch doll, Big paint brush and 3 Yellow bottles of water, 2. Ball Popper, 3. 10 Tiger cards to count, 4. Yellow and Blue Bin, 5. Shape Sorting Blocks, 6. Farm Puzzle

Bottom: 1. Boys Sock Bin, 2. Girls Sock Bin, 3. Ponies and Pull-back scooter, 4. Bin of Beanie Babies, 5. Two Mickey Mouses, 6. Bin of Books

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2 Responses to Tot-Time Thursday – Blue, Yellow and Ducks again!

  1. Your shelves look so fun! What a great way to present your Tot School stuff!

  2. Alyssa says:

    I love how organized your shelf is. I need to do something like that for my little one. Great ideas!

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