Truths on Sunday – Tantrums

We didn’t get to our regularly shceduled Bible Lesson. Elasto-Boy had a major tantrum, said some pretty terrible things and did some terrible actions. The others heard him loud and clear and our night from about 7:30 onward was shot. Finally around 8:45 the tantrum stopped.

While I got Monkey Girl settled to bed and Hubbers settled the other three, Elasto-Boy spent some time reading the Bible. (Not a consequence, he has been wanting to do this a lot lately). He discovered a lot of proverbs that apply to him and felt discouraged and some strands of guilt. Hubbers explained the concept that while God says he hates sin and things like disobedience, stealing and putting down other people, he does not hate the person that does it. Quite the contrary, actually. He loves you and that is why he died on the cross, so we are not condemned to hell, so that we can be forgiven.

I tied this up by explaining Grace  and then giving him Grace for the terrible things he said (and really, many were terrible, so terrible that I myself would not even want to type or talk about them.) I gave no consequences for the words, though he still had to face the consequences of why he had the tantrum in the first place – he had hurt his brother, leaving a big bump on his head. I hope that this lesson on Grace sets in. I hope we can get to the bottom of his outbursts. I hope I can have my son back all the time. He goes through such cycles regularly – I know this is not the real him. We are exploring this and other Bio-Polar tendencies with his Doctor and have been referred to a psychiatrist.

I really am not sure where the terrible words came from, but I do know he was out of his head when they were said and really didn’t have control over his tongue. Anyone who prays, please pray for a cleansing of his mind from this stuff and a restoration of innocence. It is very worrisome.

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