Monday Organizing – Before School schedule

The before school schedule…

It gives me the heebie jeebies!

Before school is when 75% of all troubles happen in my house.

I am tired of fixing fights, finding homework, making lunches and well… just plain tired.

So… I am going to fix it.

Or at least try!

Currently our morning goes like this:

Me/Hubbers up at 7:20
7:25 Hubbers in shower, me sitting on couch in a dazed sort of way as Queen Bee and Mr. Hockey talk my ear off (They are always up first)
7:35 Hubbers comes down, I send Mr. Hockey or Queen Bee to the shower, wake up Elasto-Boy and Electric Lady
Daycare kids begin arriving and then arrive at 10 minute intervals until about 8:10 and all five are running around asking “Got any food?”. Okay… only one does that, but you get the picture.
7:40 Breakfast served, Queen Bee complains, Electric Lady makes fun and daycare kids swarm the table
7:50 Send either Elasto-Boy or Electric Lady to the shower (the kids take showers every other day – boys day and girls day), Make lunches
8:00 Write in communication book, offer craft to children – Notice that at least one child is not dressed and send them to their room to do so in the midst of yells and cries because they “don’t wanna”.
8:15 Attempt to clean up some morning mess/ Go upstairs to get dressed, wake up Monkey Girl if not already up.
8:30 Get everyone dressed and out the door to the bus. Monkey Girl should have been changed by now, but if not, change her while commotion of packing bags and getting dressed occurs. Electric Lady and Hubbers wait til we leave, then get ready to go.
8:40-8:45 – Kids catch bus, Hubbers drives Electric Lady to school

Are you exhuasted? I am by just writing that… and it totally doesn’t work. Not enough time… Period.

How do fix this schedule? Strangely enough, the important part of this organizing task is to push a bunch of things to the night before. Amazing concept right?

So here goes –
Lunch making
Communication Books
Homework Gathering
Backpack packing
1 shower (Elasto-Boy or Electric Lady)
Lay out clothes for tomorrow

All the night before. I am not scheduling them here… this is a morning list. I am sure I will do an evening one soon enough!

New wake-up time: 7:15
7:15 – I get dressed, Hubbers showers.
I know it is only 5 minutes, but that gives me time to get dressed. I always shower later in the day once life has quieted down.

7:20 – I sit on couch and stare sleepily at Queen Bee and Mr. Hockey as they chatter away at me
7:30 – Send Mr. Hockey or Queen Bee to the shower
7:35 – Wake up Elasto-Boy and Queen Bee. Have them get dressed before leaving their room.
Daycare kids begin to arrive.
7:40 – Breakfast is served, food sat out for hungry daycare child(ren), fridge items are placed in lunch bags.
7:45 – Offer craft to kids
8:00 – Have all 4 of my kids brush their teeth, load backpacks with lunches.
8:15 – Load dishwasher (Hubbers)
8:25 – Have all boys get dressed and go outside (they like snow more)
8:30 – Have girls get dressed and go outside (except Electric Lady who still waits for us to leave)
8:40-45 – Kids get on bus, Hubbers drives Electric Lady to school

Now, I know it is similar… but it is simpler and easier to follow and I think will allow for less craziness of Hubbers and I and more presence to prevent major fights from occurring.

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