Therapeutic Tuesday – New Way

Well, my post last Wednesday (Here) had an impact on the way we do things around here. We had a big talk to get on the same page, which was part of our problem. We were both trying our hardest to make things work well, but following two different philosophies.

I thought I’d point out a few of the positive changes we have made over the past few week.

1. Let the little annoying things go. Elasto-boy likes to dance, he’d dance to and from chores. He wouldn’t stop when asked and get in trouble which often led to a tantrum. Now, we let the dancing go as long as he isn’t being too loud when Monkey Girl is in bed and doing what he is supposed to. (ex. Brushing his teeth)

2. Don’t let the irritation show through. Yes they irritate us sometimes, and often on purpose. If we stay calm and even, we remain in control of our tempers and no crazy consequences like “No marshmellows for a year” come out of our mouth.

3. If one of us is overwhelmed, let the other parent handle the offending child and focus on the others. There is always someone else needing our attention, so it is fairly easy to find something else to do.

It is amazing how improving on these three things, as well as our attitude in general has helped to make things better.

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