Wednesday Musings – A Typical Day

Writing out my schedule got me thinking, it might be fun to share a typical day in our house. I won’t go into minute details… that would be pretty boring but here is the hour by hour overview.

7 to 8 – Everybody gets up, gets ready for the day, daycare kids arrive

8 to 9 – Kids and Hubbers leave for school and work

9 to 10 – Monkey Girl and I have a snack and watch Dora, Blue’s Clues or Wonderpets

10 to 11 – Learning Time (otherwise known as tot-school)

11 to 12 – Momma tidies, Monkey Girl plays

12 to 1 – Lunch then Nap for Monkey Girl

1 to 2 – Momma may have a nap, but usually tidies up

2 to 3 – Blog, read or pet kitties

3 to 4 – Monkey Girls gets up, We play (sometimes with Mitch) and pick Electric Lady up from school

4 to 5 – Kids arrive home, have a snack and do crafts or technology

5 to 6 – Hubbers arrives home, Daycare kids leave, supper

6 to 7 – Homework (extra curricular stuff usually begins for one or two kids a night too)

7 to 8 – Playtime and technology time

8 to 9 – Kids have a snack and get ready for bed

9 to 10 – Hubbers and I clean up, make lunches, etc

10 to 11 – Relax time either watching a show or computer stuff… or both at the same time=p Goofy picture taking may occurr when very bored too!

11 to 12 – More relax time and then to bed

There you have it… and pictures too!

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