Tot-Time Thursday – Red, Green, Chopping Food and Foam Sponges

Tot School

My tot is 18.5 months old

This week I combined Red and Green in our colour bin. Monkey Girl enjoyed it, but was, as usual, more interested in her ducks. I put a green and a pink one (because I didn’t have any red and you always need at least two ducks) in the bin and they joined us for just about everything. We painted them with a big red paintbrush and helped random toys ride on a train.

We sorted blocks a lot this week. We’d put them in piles of red and green, then her ducks would come and eat them.

Our Green Bin held:

a green duck

a pink duck

a green train engine

a red train car

5 green wooden trees

4 red wooden people

a green baby shrek

two heart containers with lids

5 red blocks and 5 green blocks

3 green cookie cutters and 4 red cookie cutters

a large red paintbrush

a red canoe

one red dress shoe

a green turtle

a red train station block

a red spiderman web

We also played with her safari puzzle. She liked to make the animals “walk” to their spot and put them to bed, making sleeping sounds as she did so. She was very good at tidying up after herself this week too!

I put together a little food cutting set to go with our book of the week – First Words: My Food.
This was a big hit. I think we spent most of our learning time focused on this. We used the phone to “invite” her two friends that she sleeps with every night (Bear and Bunny) and the green and pink ducks  to a party.

Once at the party, we would read the “menu” to them and chop up the veggies and fruit.

We would then sit them around a foam block table and feed them their dinner. We did this OVER and OVER and OVER! She loved this little game.

Finally, we played with foam sponges that Elasto-Boy brought back from his grandparents for Monkey Girl. He used to play with them when he was little. We had a lot of fun making towers and homes for all her friends.

We made time to make a green and red dobber picture as our art project.

As our sensory experience, we combined cornstarch, red food colouring and water to make gloop. Monkey Girl really did not know what to think of this stuff!

One our shelves this week:

l-r, t-b

1. Baby doll and 3 red colour bottles, 2. Beanie babies and small soft toys, 3. Food book and toy food, 4. Frog and Elmo stuffies, 5. Red and green bin, 6. Safari Puzzle

1. Boys sock bin, 2. Girls sock bin, 3. Bin of sponge blocks, 4. Momma Duck and her nest of eggs (with babies inside) and stacking cups, 5. Ladybug pillow pet, 6. Bin of books

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