Truths on Sunday – Rainbow Promises

This week we got back on our regularly scheduled Bible time.

I had all the kiddos join me at the table and scattered different coloured playdough all around. Hubbers printed off a large rainbow colouring sheet and brought it to me as I asked each of the kids “What did you do for Jesus this week?”

Elasto-Boy – “Found a Christian rap guy and listened to him instead of the music you and Dad don’t like.”

Electric Lady – “Nothing really…”

Mr. Hockey – “Prayed for other people.”

Queen Bee – “Bought things for other people with my money to make them feel good.”

I particularly liked Elasto-Boy’s response.

Next, I had them fill in the rainbow with different colours of playdough. While they worked with playdough, I read the story of Noah from our “One a Day: Children’s Bible.

I did not take as many photos as I had planned so I only have Queen Bee and Electric Lady’s to show for it. Mr. Hockey took his time and did a very nice job as well and Elasto-Boy started out nicely but rushed through as soon as we were done reading. Monkey Girl smushed some pretty orange playdough all over hers, then asked for “a duck, a duck, a duck” cookie cutter to play with.

All in all, it was a good night. We talked about how strange it would be to see a guy building a boat in the middle of the desert, how Noah felt and what rainbows mean. Queen Bee was quite excited by the promise God made and told me “Rainbows mean so much more to me now.”

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