Therapeutic Tuesday – Acts of Service

I have been working on the Love Language of Acts of service for the past bit with the kiddos. Things like dropping off someone’s donuts for their class when they forgot them at home, getting a toy out of the storage area that someone has requested, helping to build a puzzle or a craft.

It has actually been going fairly well. One thing I have noticed though, is that my kids seem to take this for granted. It really surprises me actually because when i do it once and for one child, the other three middle kids start demanding me to do the same for them. I am trying to keep things pretty even but they are different kids so different acts of service really work for each individual child. The kids don’t see  it that way – “You helped so and so with their school project, now you need to help me.” Even if that child doesn’t have a project due.

We’re working on it, but the jealousy of our house has certainly gone through the roof lately.

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