Friday Family – 10 things about Big Guy

I am posting out of order (Thursday’s post will come later) because Hubbers took my camera (and therefor my pictures) with him to Mr. Hockey’s Kub Kar ralley.

Since I don’t post much about our eldest, I figured this would be a good day for it=)

10 things about Big Guy.

1. He is very strong.

2. He has the most gorgeous blue eyes you could ever see.

3. He really likes video games.

4. He also really likes to watch the cooking channel… much to my disdain.

5. He is not very good about remembering to take out the garbage.

6. He is always there to give a hug on the really bad days with the other kids.

7. He collects swords and medieval weaponry. (dull blades only!)

8. Gwen is his favourite kitty but he loves all animals.

9. Appearances (even his own) don’t really matter to him.

10. We’re blessed to have him in our family!

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