Saturday Fun – Funny Faces

When looking around on some blogs that I enjoy, I stumbled across this post at 1+1+1=1. I decided to look into the came more and quickly found a lot of positive comments. Buying the game was an easy choice, being only 10 dollars and not even mentioning winning (or losing) which can be a problem with my kids.

It arrived on Friday afternoon. The kids were intrigued and asked to play it almost immediately. We finally had the chance on Saturday night and it really was a fun time for us all. I had to be careful not to let my “play by the rules” attitude take over when Electric Lady didn’t like her nose so chose to use someone else’s and Elasto-Boy took some “creative license” to make his creations more exciting. In the end, we were all pretty impressed with our creations. Queen Bee really struggles with fine motor skills, yet was able to make some really cute cartoons. I recommend this game to anyone with school-aged kiddos.

Here is the website for anyone interested and also a link to the creator, Rich Davis’, blog – Draw with Rich.

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