Thur…. er…. Sunday Tot-School

Tot School

My Tot is 19 months.

We had a decent week, spending lot’s of time on red, pink and Valentine’s things. Monkey Girl was a willing participant but not as interested in her learning toys this week. I had placed her ducks and some littlest pet shop toys on her shelf and she was enthralled with them.

We did enjoy the Valentine’s day Bin. We spent most of our time throwing around the strips of shiny tissue paper, but did some counting and sorting activities too.

In the bin this week:

15 red fabric hearts

A bunch of strips of shiny tissue paper

A pink Duck

A pink beanie baby monkey

A red paintbrush

White, Pink and Red foam hearts

Two packs of heart erasers

A red shoe

2 red heart containers with lids

My good friend bought Monkey Girl a fun farm sound puzzle. Monkey Girl thought it was great, though the horse went missing the second day we had it. I keep hoping that I find it hidden someplace as it is such a cute puzzle.

I also made a tray with two heart containers and some red and pink hearts to sort. Monkey Girl had no interest in this whatsoever, even though she was able to do it. We spent more time throwing them around than doing anything educational with them. I did manage to get some counting in though!

Last but not least, our “book” for the week was actually a package of books. Monkey Girl loves books so much and we actually spend a big chunk of everyday reading them, so when we found this little set at Costco, we knew she would love it. They are the perfect size for little toddler hands to hold.

Monkey Girl has begun to take a bigger interest in colouring. In the beginning she would just make a few marks on a peice of paper, now she is actually trying to “colour” in shapes. It is so rewarding to watch her develop these skills. This week, I drew hearts on a peice of paper and she filled them in with various colours. She was very proud of her work and even carried around her artwork showing the other kids.

We also had some fun with paint – This is always a favourite of my little Monkey Girl’s!

On our shelves this week:

t-b, l-r

1. Doll and 3 red colour bottles, 2. Littlest petshop vet clinic, 3. Bin of puppets, 4. Valentine Bin, 5. Box of books and two valentine doggies, 6. Farm Sound puzzle

1. Boys sock box, 2. Girls sock box, 3. Heart sorting, 4. Bin of ducks, 5. Ladybug pillow pet, 6. Bin of books

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One Response to Thur…. er…. Sunday Tot-School

  1. Ewa says:

    I like your V-Day sensory bin. We also love and encourage all art activities in our home. Hugs. Ewa

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