Wednesday Musings – Time

Have you ever felt that there just isn’t enough time to get thing done, let alone have some fun?

I have been trying to make individual time for the kids, because it is fun to enjoy each of their unique personalities and I want them to feel special, yet something always comes up. Tonight, I thought I’d take Queen Bee to drop Elasto-Boy off at trampoline then swing by the book store and grab a copy of the Narnia series for bedtime reading but then Hubbers wanted to drop him off then get groceries so that was out. (and we really did need groceries).

Okay, I thought, then I will paint Electric Lady’s fingernails. Well Queen Bee had a tantrum that lasted hours… so that was out.

Okay, well, I will spend some time watching a show with Mr. Hockey… but he had a sore throat and needed to go to bed early as he was falling asleep on the couch…

It sometimes feels impossible to plan anything, no matter how small, in this family. And it leaves me feeling a bit less of a Mom and more of a home organizer getting everyone doing what they need to do. Hopefully our next quiet night will go better!

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One Response to Wednesday Musings – Time

  1. Gina says:

    You shouldn’t feel like less of a Mom at all! The effort you put into trying to spend time with each of your children astounds me!

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