Friday Family – Kitties

I just recently realized I have not shown off the feline members of our crew!

First we have Faith – She is almost 10 years old and most certainly my cat. She has always slept with me and always shown great preference for me. She used to have a brother, Gavin, who was the same with Hubbers. Sadly he passed on a few years back. Faith is the greatest kitty but can act a bit like a pampered princess at times, expecting us all to bend to her whims


Next is Winnie, who is 4 years old and has been called the “feisty kitty” throughout the years. A little guy we had a few years ago lovingly gave her the name as he walked in huge circles around her wherever she lay. She has since settled down and is actually a really great little cat. We still do see her feisty side from time to time though.

Finally we have Gwen who is a 3 year old lazy bones. We adopted her from the humane society last year and she has been a wonderful addition. She is very tolerant of annoying behaviours (being poked and prodded by children, mainly) and loves to snuggle. She is always especially cuddly when she’d like her food dish refilled!

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