Thursday (well… Sunday again) Tot School – Fish, colours and wooden animals

Well, I am behind again. I am not sure where all my time is going, but I certainly don’t have much of it. I plan to be back on track next week!
Tot School
My tot is 19 months old.

I don’t have as many photos to show for this week since my camera’s batteries quit working on Monday morning and I managed to squeeze a few photos out on Tuesday and Wednesday by turning off the flash and being in well lit areas. I have since bought more batteries (you’d think I would have done this sooner… but I kept forgetting) and am good to go for next week.

Anyhow, here we go!

Our colour bin was a hit this week. The favourite activities were bowling with pegs and stepping on shapes. She amazed me by knowing every single shape in the bucket. She is still getting a few colours mixed up, but we’re coming along well.

We played with Monkey Girl’s favourite puzzle, her magnetic fish puzzle.

Read a neat book that plays the music to nursery rhymes as you read them.

Monkey girl enjoyed a little magnetic set with the letters to her name and shapes that I had made for her. I was surprised by how much she liked it. She loved to take the shapes and sit them on the backs of her ducks, then make the ducks put them back on the metal sheet.

As our art activity, I cut out a gumball machine and Mr. Hockey helped Monkey Girl peel stickers off to stick on it. She had a lot of fun with this and kept asking for more stickers. Mr. Hockey seemed to enjoy it too.

Since I didn’t have a photo of our shelves for the week, I thought I’d share Monkey Girl’s favourite toys this week. One of the children that I care for before and after school has a little sister that has outgrown some toys. Their parents have re-homed them to us and Monkey Girl is really loving it. She really fell for this little wooden animals and carried them around with her almost as much as her ducks! Her favourite activity was to line them all up in front of her and choosing one to be the Momma, while she brought the others one by one to get a kiss. It was so darned cute!

That’d be it for this week folks! Click on the photo above to see what others were up to this past week.

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