Therapy – Structure

Structure is important in any child’s life. With the majority of our kids, it is essential to maintaining peace in our home. On days with less structure, it is almost certain that things go wrong. Someone has a tantrum, someone else ends up getting too hyper, Hubbers and I get frazzled and it just ends in catastrophe.

So we structure everything, from something as simple as when kids get to watch TV to the major after school necessities such as snack and homework.

I will be honest, sometimes I hate the structure. I have always been a go with the flo kind of person, not relying too heavily on structure. It is hard to have to plan family events rather than make them spontaneous and fun but half of our family can’t handle it. Surprises nearly cause anxiety attacks in Elasto-Boy, cause Electric Lady to go bonkers and Queen Bee to suspect the worse in any given situation.

However, most of the time, i enjoy it. It is nice for me to know that okay… in 10 mins free tech starts, then I can put Monkey Girl to bed, snack, teeth and then the girls go to bed. I know what is happening, it is predictable that Electric Lady will get snooty about needing to put on Jammies… but doesn’t turn into a tantrum because I am prepared for her troubles. It is predictable that Mr. Hockey will ask for another chore so he can earn more technology time… so I don’t have to wrack my brain for what needs done… I already have it planned.

So… in all these ramblings, I hope I have gotten across the idea that structure is your friend. Not every family needs as much as we do, but I think it is important for every child to be able to predict what comes next. A lot of misbehaviour comes from fear of the unnknown.

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