Tot Time – Farm, Blocks and Stampers

Tot School

My tot is 19.5 months old.

I have been doing Monkey Girl’s learning time, however I haven’t been making the time to post about it. It feels like things got super busy around here and I would rather laze around in my downtime than do something useful!

Anyhow, here is a summary of the last two weeks!

We have worked with two different bins – Music and Sound and Rice with Farm Animals.
Monkey Girl liked them both though I don’t have many photos of the music bin. She liked to move around so much and have me participate so the camera got left to the side.

We played with her shape sorting blocks.

We used her farm book and toy counting book for reading time. She loved to point her finger and make “counting” sounds (cute little grunts) as I counted.

Her stacking ring tower was a big hit. She could often be found doing it on her own. She even managed to put them in the right order a few times!

Farm animals grabbed Monkey Girl (and the other kids) interest for large chunks of time. I would often see her wondering around carrying two donkey’s or a dog and holding conversations with them.

We played with one of her farm puzzles and her counting puzzle. She loved counting the little animals on her counting puzzle.

I bought these neat farm stampers from Michaels. They were a bit difficult for Monkey Girl to manipulate, but she loved the results.

We also decorated cookies (that we got on sale in the bargain bin from leftover valentine’s day items) and drew with chalk.

Monkey Girl also enjoyed her peg people. We would stand them up, count them and she would knock them down again. Counting seems to be her favourite activity lately. She would play this game on her own, standing them up, counting them and then repeat. It was very cute to watch!

To go with her love of counting, we used this farm bead board to count and identify colours. She wasn’t as into this one, but did participate nicely.

As you can see, we have had a busy couple of weeks, even though we haven’t been posting about it!

Click on the photo at the top to see what others have been doing for tot-school lately!

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One Response to Tot Time – Farm, Blocks and Stampers

  1. Gina says:

    Looks like you guys are having lots of fun! I like the chalk on black construction paper activity you did! I’ll have to try that out with Tait! I think she’d enjoy it!

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