Tot School – Shapes, blocks and more shapes

Tot School

My tot is 20 months old!

We put our focus on shapes this week. Monkey Girl always loves using her shape sorters and has shown me that she can distinguish the shapes from each other half the time, so I thought she’d enjoy a week all about them. I was right! I don’t have a lot of photos, as my camera was at the home of Mr. Hockey’s Coach for the week (we forgot it at one of his games, and the coach took it home with him so it wouldn’t be stolen) but we did have a fun week.

I raided shap-sorters, blocks, puzzles, etc and put a bunch of different shapes in her bin for the week – She very much enjoyed manipulating them.

We also used the bun for some fun games. First the “stomping” game. I layed 6 cookie cutters in a row and asked her to stomp on them one by one. She did very well except she had a hard time distingushing the difference between triangle and rectangle as they sound so similar.

We also sorted them by type and Monkey Girl took her time putting them in “round” and “corner” piles. We then put them in the bucket, shook them up and did it again. She was particularly fond of shaking them up!

We played with her shape sorter a lot. I think she had everyone in the house participating in this and had mastered most of the shapes on her own by the end of the week. (except a really tricky triangle that, To Be Honest, some of my big kids got frustrated with!)

We also made a shape rainbow, used shape stampers and read shape books. However, I have no photos of those activities!

Please click on the tot school logo at the top to see what others were up to this week!


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2 Responses to Tot School – Shapes, blocks and more shapes

  1. She is getting so big EVERYDAY!

  2. JoAnne says:

    Love your blog! Thanks for sharing. I like the theme you did.

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