Sleep… How Sweet it is!

See that sweet face? Cute isn’t it? You wouldn’t think that until 2 weeks ago she was waking her Momma 4 times, sometimes more a night, would you?

Well… she was. And Momma was tired… Momma was paying. It was especially hard since she had been good – waking only 1 or 2 a night from Nov to mid Feb and I had gotten used to sleep again.

2 weeks ago, that suddenly changed. The first night she slept all the way through, I woke with panic and had to rush into her room at 6am to make sure she was okay. She was and then slept until 8 with no wake ups. Since that glorious night, I have been getting more sleep than I remember getting since before she was born. Bonus, she is still taking her 2.5 hour naps in the afternoon too!

It is great!

I have energy!

I can clean the house during nap time… not desperatly crawl into bed to get in a few winks before the wild ones come home. I have patience… when I am short on sleep, I am also very quick tempered. It is nice to not catch myself reacting over little things. I am doing more things with my kids, playing with them, enjoying them and best yet – Monkey Girl and I are both in great moods and enjoying lot’s of little outings together.

Sleep is amazing!

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2 Responses to Sleep… How Sweet it is!

  1. Gina says:

    Yay for you! Sleep is truly a wonderful thing!

  2. Sleep IS GLORIOUS!!! Good job, Chloe!

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