Tot School – Numbers, balls and counting ducks

Tot School

My tot is 20.5 months old!

Tot School time again!

Monkey Girl and I worked on counting this week. Starting after Easter, I will begin working on letters with her as she is starting to gain an interest in them. For now, we’re having fun counting together and having fun with different themes.

We built towers with wooden blocks and I Tried… yes tried… to point out the numbers. She was having none of that and quickly went back to stacking towers are yelling “BOOM” when they fell down again. Maybe not my intended activity… but it was a favourite for the week.

Daddy was home with us a few days (due to not feeling well) but Monkey Girl enjoyed having him here. I didn’t get to tot school activities as much as I would have liked due to the bigger kids having major projects due for school so Hubbers took over from time to time. In this activity they were counting ducks.

Hubbers found a number banner at the Dollarama last week and thought I could make good use of it with Monkey Girl. He was right! I cut the numbers apart and we used them for counting practice. Monkey Girl loved them and would point to each object as I counted and say “ah, ah, ah” (for 3… more ah’s for larger numbers). She is not saying the actual numbers yet but does get the idea!

She also liked to kiss them!

We played with her ball popper, counting the balls as they popped out. This has been a favourite toy lately! I think we’ll be using it next week too… but with plastic eggs in it instead!

We used the older kids dressup lacing bear for some nice fine motor practice. Monkey Girl took to it right away and would often ask for the “Bear Bear!” to play with. She wasn’t able to do it on her own but I think I will be visiting the store soon to find some with bigger holes for her little fingers to get the string through.

We practiced our counting skills with stickers. I made a sheet of paper with 2 and 4 on it with the corresponding animal for each section. Monkey girl then sorted them by rabbits or ducks and coloured the numbers and animals. It was a fun little activity that she loved… how could she not? It had stickers, colouring and… DUCKS.

That’s it for this week. If you want to see what others are up to, click on the tot school picture at the top!

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