Egg-cellent Fun

I had a bright idea while crafting with Monkey Girl the other day – an egg countdown!

So I cut out 60 eggs – 12 for each of the five younger ones.

They made different designs on them. I helped Monkey Girl a bit, but she did most of them. Colouring is a favourite activity of hers.

After colouring them, I wrote little surprises on the backs, getting bigger as we get closer to Easter.

I then put them on the wall in neat little rows. Every day the kids get to take one off and trade it in for their prize. Yesterday, they got an egg full of M&M’s. Today the bigger kids got an extra half hour of technology and Monkey Girl got a sheet of stickers. They are pretty excited to see what comes next!

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2 Responses to Egg-cellent Fun

  1. Gina says:

    Great idea! They look so pretty all lined up together!

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