Little Things

I have been enjoying the little things these days. I am not sure why I am even noticing them as really they are quite ordinary parts of my life.

For example:

The smell of Monkey Girl’s hair after a bath

The sound of crayons colouring intently on paper

A quiet drive at 11PM to the pharmacy to pick up kids meds

Toasted Tomato, Cheese and Cucumber sandwiches

My baby’s sweet giggle as she plays independently with her ducks

Mr. Hockey’s goofy grin as he waits for me to laugh at a joke that really wasn’t all that funny

A 15 minite stolen nap while curled up on the couch as Monkey Girl sleeps upstairs while I await Queen Bee’s bus to arrive

Fudge… need I say more?

The smell of a new book

The sound of Monkey Girl’s trycycle as I push it down the sidewalk

Electric Lady’s humming as she takes a shower

Reading a book to my kids before before bedtime and the nice feeling of knowing they are really listening

Elasto-Boy’s hugs

There are so many more but these are just the ones I noticed today. I like noticing the little things… makes life just feel happier.

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