Tot Time – Spring, Bunnies and Eggs galore!

Tot School

My tot is 21 months old

I didn’t post on our tot time adventures last week as I knew I was carrying everything over to this week too. It was actually nice keeping the same materials out for two weeks. I noticed that after the first week was over, I could really see her preferences shine.

Every morning we began by playing with her Easter bin.

Inside the bin we put coloured feathers, realistic plastic birds, yellow flower petals, plastic eggs, little plastic ducks and two little people rabbits.

For the most part, we just dumped everything out and tossed them around. I did manage to get some colour matching, counting and sorting games in though!


Next we would choose between her shelf toys. We no longer play with four specific toys each week. I allow her to choose from any of the items on the shelf and we go to town. I was finding that she was feeling limited with doing the same thing everyday and this way I can put more experiences out for her.

We played with her ball popper almost daily. I placed plastic eggs in it this time and she thought it was great when they would fly out.


We played with her Magnetic bug puzzle.


She enjoyed her puppets. I made sure to put out any of the spring ones I could find.

I got a little tic tac toe set from the Dollarama and we used it for counting and patterning. Monkey Girl just wanted to play with them and quickly found them a Momma duck (dressed like a bunny) to love them.


We played with Monkey Girl’s new Peter Rabbit book. It has 60 flaps and plenty of eggs, rabbits and ducks; her three favourite things!

I got a neat Usborne Easter sticker book from chapters. The other kids have enjoyed it a bit but Monkey Girl was crazy over it. She’d constantly walk around with it saying “MORE, MORE, MORE” in a hopeful tone of voice.


Last, but not least, we dyed Easter eggs. I think Monkey Girl enjoyed sticking her hands in the water more than anything, but was fun regardless.

If you’d like to see what others have been up to, click on the link at the top.

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3 Responses to Tot Time – Spring, Bunnies and Eggs galore!

  1. Lulu says:

    Oh, I didn`t dye eggs with my sons this year- I thought they might be a bit young but maybe not? Looks like Monkey Girl enjoyed it.

    Using a mat is a montessori thing- I like the method and have been reading more and more about it. I was a preschool teacher before I had my boys but not in a montessori school or anything. My 16 month old definitely gets a lot out of using one though!! I am sure Monkey Girl will too!

    Nice to see you post your tot school photos and words.

  2. anneabell says:

    Yeah, I have some experience with Montessori as well, but never thought of using a mat with my little one.
    I am sure your little guy would love dying eggs. We did it because I have older children too and Monkey Girl loves doing everything they do!
    Thanks for your comment!

  3. She’s so clean dying Easter eggs! My daughter just threw the egg into the dye! Fun little week you guys had!

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