An Eggggcellent Easter Celebration

We had so much fun celebrating Easter. Because of a chest cold, we weren’t able to celebrate with Grandma June and Grandpa Ray as his lungs are very sensitive but still enjoyed ourselves as a family.

We made bunny ears and used stampers on the night before Easter.


Hubbers and I stayed up late filling and hiding eggs.


When we woke up in the morning we found a great surprise on the kitchen table. (that sneaky Easter bunny *wink*)

Anticipating all the goodies! (We make them sit on the couch until everyone is ready and then call them one by one to the table)

Opening the goodies!

Monkey Girl’s Egg Hunt.


Big Kids Egg Hunt


We then dressed up in our new Easter clothes and headed to church. Sadly, I forgot my camera =( I always take a pictuyre at church every Easter!

I took plenty of family photos outside after we came home. This is just a small selection since I can’t post pics of the girls on here.


The backwards version of our family shot… just because I hate leaving the girls out!

After a quick lunch, we played outside until our bigger Easter dinner in the evening.


After dinner, we finished off with making resurrection buns (idea from Mommy Montage) and talked about Jesus and his gift to us.


I have been trying to fit this in here and there over the past week. It was really nice when I was putting Mr. Hockey to bed and he told me “Y know mom, I just want to pray that all the people out there who think Easter is just about the fun take a second to remember the real reason for Easter. The presents are nice, but that is why I celebrate it!”

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