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The Great Minivan Hunt

In case anyone has been wondering where we’ve been: Our family has grown… and grown… and grown! To think, 6 years ago today Hubbers and I got married. Now, we have a 20 year old, a 12 year old, two … Continue reading

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Tot Time – The Meowriffic letter Cc!

My tot is 22 months old! Monkey Girl loved totschool this week. We used the Cc printables from 1+1+1 and since the focus was “C is for cat” and the vocabulary centered around naming pets, she was pleased. (Meowing is … Continue reading

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Rain, Rain GO AWAY!

I just needed to post this to express my frustration: I HATE RAIN! 10 reasons why I wrote the above: 1. Monkey Girl constantly wants to be outside 2. It leaves muddy footprints all over my entryway floor when kids … Continue reading

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Family – Garden Adventures and Owies

For Family Day this week, we worked together to create a garden. It was a fun venture for most of us, tho I will admit there was some complaining involved. (Disclaimer – I am sure these are not the exact … Continue reading

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Tot School – B..B… Bear, B..B… Ball, B..B..B..

My tot is 21.5 months old! We worked on the letter Bb this week! We had a lot of fun since Monkey Girl is VERY good at saying “b” words. Other words… not so much but she definitely has Bb … Continue reading

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A picture of RAD

RAD stands for Reactive Attachment Disorder. Two (if not 3) of my kids have this trouble. It basicly means kids never had the change to properly attach to an adult figure (namely mom or dad) and because of this, they … Continue reading

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Bible Truths – All in a name

On Sunday, our Pastor talked about how names meant a lot in Bible days. This sparked me to look up the meanings of my own kids names. I did not choose the names for most of them and had never … Continue reading

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