Tot School… Not really

Tot School

My tot is 21.5 months old.

We had a bit of a break this past week. Lot’s of business so I figured we’d just relax.

We still had a lot of fun and learning going on though! I figured I’d share a few photos.

Monkey Girl really enjoyed the horse race at Chuck E Cheese.

Watching Dora while wearing Mr. hockey’s hat with her pink Bunny from Mami and colouring with a little friend of ours. 

We visited the ducks downtown. Monkey Girl loved feeding them bread.


“Dob, Dob, Dob” We spent plenty of time using Bingo Dobbers this week.


We enjoyed the trampoline and pushing her balls in the swing.


Monkey Girl has really loved her new pattern blocks from the Easter bunny.

And more playing outside. I just love this little dress on her.


If you’d like to see some REAL tot school happening, click on the image at the top=) Check back next week for some action.

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