Bible Truths – All in a name

On Sunday, our Pastor talked about how names meant a lot in Bible days. This sparked me to look up the meanings of my own kids names. I did not choose the names for most of them and had never really given it much thought. I found some pretty positive things in their names so shared with them during our Bible time. We also prayed as a family that God would work with them to bring the positive elements of their names into reality. We also used it as a spring board to talk about how God has a purpose for each of us, and he knew us before we were even born. I think the kids really tok away a positive message that they matter from this one and I couldn’t be happier about that since so often the words they hear are in lecturing, redirection etc.

Here are the meanings (of their real names of course)

Elasto Boy – Lord – Earth Worker

God’s worker of the earth

Queen Bee – He sees – God’s Promise – New Day

Promise of a New Day

Mr. Hockey – He who supplants (takes over) – Little Sunshine

Ruler who brings of Sunshine

Electric Lady – Mighty warrior – Pleasant

God’s Pleasant warrior

Chloe – Bloom God’s Promise

Promise Bringer

Big Guy – Who is like God?


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