A picture of RAD

RAD stands for Reactive Attachment Disorder. Two (if not 3) of my kids have this trouble.

It basicly means kids never had the change to properly attach to an adult figure (namely mom or dad) and because of this, they now struggle in more ways than one. In order for an infant or young child to develop properly, the child needs to be nurtured. When they are nurtured, their brain is able to learn about their surroundings, relationships, behaviours, etc. In cases where no nuturing (or very little) and multiple caregivers are responsible for the child, the child is constantly on alert and unable to just be a baby. After months and years of not having their needs for love and care provided, the child’s brain changes. Medical professionals have compared the brain of a “normal” child and a child with RAD and the results are astounding. Some areas of the brain just never connected like they should.

It is a bleak situation for kids with RAD. It is also very difficult to be their parent. However, with a lot of work and patience, these kids can make gains. I believe that their troubled past will always remain with them, however it changes. They can begin to make connections, they can form relationships and that troubled past becomes a source of resiliency.

I recently stumbled across THIS blog. It is a mom with kids who have RAD. She is amazing. Her youtube videos, which you can find near the bottom of her blog are also amazing. I love her straight forward approach and her patience.

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One Response to A picture of RAD

  1. Morgan says:

    I am convinced that our 4 year old FD has RAD but it has been impossible for me to get the social workers to get her into therapy or any kind of help for that matter. She has made huge leaps since living with us, but she is definitely difficult to parent – which makes me sad, angry, frustrated, etc.

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