Tot School – B..B… Bear, B..B… Ball, B..B..B..

Tot School

My tot is 21.5 months old!

We worked on the letter Bb this week! We had a lot of fun since Monkey Girl is VERY good at saying “b” words. Other words… not so much but she definitely has Bb down pat!

I am going to break things down by day again this week… because I kinda liked doing it last week!

P.S. All printables come from 1+1+1.

So… on Monday:

We made Bb sticker cards and gathered together Bb flashcards and letters to place in Monkey Girl’s letter basket. She also had fun finding the letter Bb’s on the ball and then finding the balls on the letter Bb’s with her bingo dabber. I really need to go to Michael’s this week to buy the Do-a-dot markers. The dabbers are difficult for her to manipulate but she LOVES LOVES LOVES them so much!


Tuesday was a pretty filled up day but we had a lot of fun!

We fed the geese by the Boiler Room and saw all the cute baby geese.


She showed off her “B is for Bigbird” shirt from Old Navy, played with her pattern blocks from her toy shelf and joined me on a walk around the neighbourhood since it was such a beautiful day!


And to top things off we used Playdough to make B’s, coloured balls different colours (Monkey Girl LOVED this), and connected lines between balls on the letter Bb’s.


On Wednesday we watched the power point from 1+1+1’s members only site and then played with the letter Bb on the alphabet Starfall app for the Ipad. Monkey Girl loves anything technological (how could she not with my computer lovin’ Hubbers?) so this is always an activity she enjoys.


We played with her wooden toy “Animalz” and built them some houses out of her sponge blocks. We also used her Melissa and Doug’s Beginner Pattern Blocks some more. I am so happy we got the pattern blocks for her for Easter. Monkey Girl can do all the puzzles and even tidies them up herself when finished. She is always so proud to show everyone her handywork!


Last, we made B’s that looked like Bee’s out of construction paper. I know this idea is all over the web, but this particular version just came from my brain and daycare days. I am sure I got it from somewhere back in the day! Mr. Hockey and Electric Lady joined us again this week. It’s nice to have big brothers and sisters who like to learn along with Monkey Girl. She loves the company.

Thursday was another busy work day for us.

I did not intend for it to be but Monkey Girl’s patience and attention span for this stuff amazes me. She soaks it right up. We always stop when she loses interest as I don’t want her to associate learning with something she doesn’t want to do, but to be honest, I usually tire before her and try to move her attention onto something else!

We played with playdough and used her magnets to make letter Bb prints in it and then played with her Bb basket. She loves this thing, especially the letter cards we made at the beginning of the week.


We then moved onto printables. She did well with tracing the lines from the B to the b. I think we will use a page protector and dry erase markers next week since I had to print off 3 copies since she loved it so much! We also did more Bb dabbing. We used the printable sheet but she filled it up very quickly so I made her one as well.


We tried soemthing new with her shapes this week since she often just wants to colour them all without waiting for me to call out the name. I had her colour them as I talked about each one she chose to colour, letting her take the lead. I then cut them out and asked her to place them in an empty paint jar. She did SO well! I was amazed. The only ones she had trouble with were square and rectangle and oval.


We played with her animal matching Mega Blocks and read a whole pile of books too!


Friday was a bit quieter of a day.

We painted a piece of paper and then turned it into a flower.


I love the look of concentration on her face as she was painting her paper. She also enjoyed playing with some bubbles on her tray. Eventually we covered the tray in the “bubble stuff” and made the bubbles stick to it. She loved popping them!


We also enjoyed some more reading in her favourite sitting spot at the bottom of the stairs.

Whew… busy week! But fun and filled with learning!

If you want to see what others did this week, click on the Tot School icon at the top!

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4 Responses to Tot School – B..B… Bear, B..B… Ball, B..B..B..

  1. Ewa says:

    Wow amazing week!!! Monkey Girl seems so independent. Looks like you had a great time together 😉 Love the picture of her sitting at the stairs – just adorable;-)

    PS Would you mind if I use your pictures of gees for my collection of baby and adult file ? Just for my own homeschooling purpose.

    Hugs from Poland

  2. Gina says:

    Wow! Another very full and wonderful week for you two! We are making the bee B’s this week too! I love how concentrated Monkey girl looks in all the photos! She seems to really be engaged in all the activities! So is the power point shows from 1+1+1=1 worth getting? I’ve debated it….

    • anneabell says:

      I joined when she had half price membership so I definitely think it was worth it for that price. The shows are very simple but they really seem to keep Chloe’s attention. She has a lot for preschoolers so you might get your monies worth out of it for the full price if you could use some for Piper too.

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