Family – Garden Adventures and Owies

For Family Day this week, we worked together to create a garden. It was a fun venture for most of us, tho I will admit there was some complaining involved.

(Disclaimer – I am sure these are not the exact phrasings used, as this was a week ago, but this is the jist of the whole venture! I am pretty sure next time Hubbers decides that gardening is a good family day activity, I get a Veto!)

Hubbers took the time to explain what we were doing, fielding off questions such as:

Elasto boy – “So, if we help with the garden, do we get free technology after?”

Queen Bee – “EW! you expect me to touch the dirt… where bugs live?”

Electric Lady – “Can we pretend I came from an orphanage and this is the only way I can get food?”

Mr. Hockey – *spaces out during the directions* “What am I supposed to do?”


Everyone worked “together” to get the soil raked and fertilizer added:

Queen Bee – “It’s a SPIDER! It’s a CATERPILLAR! It’s some kind of bug and I don’t know what it is!!!!!”

Electric Lady – “And you can be the evil worker at the orphanage. Tell me I can’t have any breaks until every bit of this work is done!”

Mr. Hockey – “Awwww, look Queen Bee! That Bug is adoreable! He’s my friend!”

Elasto Boy – *Holding shovel above his head* “I’ll kill it!”

Big Guy – “Be careful! You almost beheaded Monkey Girl!”

Monkey Girl – “YAH!”

Hubbers – “Mr. Hockey, leave the bugs alone! Elasto Boy, I’ll handle the bug killing from now on.”


When all the soil readying was complete, we added the seeds:

Elasto Girl – “Can I go to Jayna’s now?”

Queen Bee – “I thought you were an orphan and couldn’t leave until your work is done? You haven’t even done as much as me!”

Mr. Hockey – *throws seeds to ground and starts stepping on them* “I can do it the fastest!”

Elasto Boy – “MOMMMM! Mr. Hockey is ruining all our hard work! Make him stop!”

Monkey Girl – *falls on cement* “UH OH!” “OWWW, OW, OW” MOMMMMMA”

Me – “Awww, Monkey Girl! Looks like you need your very first bandaid!”

Big Guy – “I’ll go get the watering can” (in his head “I need to escape this maddness”)

In the end, everyone was “pleased” with all our hard work.

Elasto Boy – “I love gardening!”

Mr. Hockey – *Pumps fist in air* “I’ll eat ANY vegetable that comes out of this garden!” (He hates vegetables)

Electric Lady – “And the orphan finished her garden and was able to rest and not starve… “The end… now can I go to Jayna’s?”

Queen Bee – “This was not a family day activity! You just made us be your slaves! Slave drivers! You are so mean! EWWWW there are so many  BUGS in that dirt!” etc…etc…etc…

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One Response to Family – Garden Adventures and Owies

  1. Sara Anderson says:

    Your kids sound hilarious. Queen Bee is quite a complainer, it seems.

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